It’s nearly the end of the 2018 season 😢

With memories of the snow last winter…

We just wanted to remind our Holiday Home owners of the importance of having your Holiday Home drained down!
Thankfully, we didn’t suffer any real damage last year, unlike a number of other parks. This is mostly due to the fact that so many of you do in fact have your drain down completed.

If you haven’t already returned a form for Waveney, you can download one here, or you can call/email/pop into Reception and I’ll make it as easy as I possibly can for you to complete and return a form.

Alternatively, if you’ve already arranged this or intend to do yourself, just let us know so we don’t keep reminding you!
If you are here over the winter, it is worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast. You might want to consider leaving your heating on the ‘winter’ setting (or similar) if it looks likely that temperatures will drop to 0 or below. Unfortunately, we simply can’t go round checking pipes or changing boiler settings, we just don’t have the manpower! With this in mind, it’s also important to remember that we can’t guarantee the electric supply over the winter. If there’s a storm or we need to carry out work then we aren’t able to turn trips back on.

Other hints and tips…

It is always worth leaving moisture traps or tubs of salt in your Holiday Home over the colder, damp months. Moving mattresses and cushions away from the walls will help stop them getting damp. It is not good for fridges & freezers to be switched off and on regularly so we recommend only doing this at the end of your season. Leaving curtains open but blinds or nets closed will allow the sun in to keep the internal temperature up. The water is switched off over the winter so don’t organise carpet cleaning or similar until we reopen, please. Gas bottles should be switched off unless you have left your heating on the frost setting.

Any suggestions, questions or queries, just drop me an email.



Bud Anderson arriving at Cakes & Ale by helicopter

Bud Anderson certainly made a grand entrance! Returning to land that was once the Airfield he flew his Mustang, Old Crow, from during the Second World War.
After coffee and some catching up between Bud & Peter Saunders, a few hours were spent filming on Bud’s old hard stand, which is the section of road where plots 1 – 11 are. The crew then headed off to film in the locality. They’ll be returning for a few drinks this evening from 6 pm, you are more than welcome to join us!