Our exciting but very different arrival!

If you follow us on social media then you may have already seen this but for those who haven’t, it’s pretty exciting!

Last month we were lucky enough to be able to take an aerial tour of the Park in a helicopter. It’s not an angle that we get to see the area from ordinarily so we were pretty excited to be offered the opportunity and made full use of the time we had. This is some of the footage we took whilst in the luxury helicopter piloted by Halo Aviation….

So that was our helicopter flight from Cakes and Ale Holiday Park! Did you notice the unusual layout of the Park? The organic flow of our Holiday Homes is largely guided by the road layout left from the WWII American Airbase that once occupied the land that we are situated on. The pilot of the helicopter was able to spot the familiar shapes and markings from a distance, even after all these years and the destruction of the majority of the runways!

We have done our best to preserve the memory and the heritage of the land that we are based on, which includes holding a small Memorial Service annually, this year’s will be held on Sunday 28th May.

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