Cakes & Ale is a holiday park in Suffolk with a bit of history.

A holiday park with a bit of Suffolk history.

The Cakes & Ale Holiday Park is situated on what was Leiston Airfield, once occupied by the 363rd Squadron, 357th Fighter Group USAAF, who flew long-range escorts protecting bombers deep into continental Europe during World War II.

While the airfield area itself has largely been returned to farmland, there is history to be discovered at the Cakes & Ale Holiday Park!

1/3rd scale model Mustang displayed on pylons outside the “Yoxford Boys” clubhouse was erected in 1991, dedicated to the memory of the 357th Fighter Group. It is a replica of the P-51-K series aircraft flown in 1945 by Major Leonard ‘Kit’ Carson, of the 362nd Fighter Squadron and the 357th Fighter Groups top-scoring ace.

Cakes & Ale is a holiday park in Suffolk with a bit of history.

Visit the Leiston Airfield Heritage Centre, known as “Gus’s hut” in memory of Gus Clutten, who worked on the airfield for the duration of the USAAF’s occupation and subsequently for the Cakes & Ale Holiday Park. There are some fascinating photographs and memorabilia on display.

Caravan site with bar

Enjoy a quiet drink at the holiday park bar, dedicated to the “Yoxford Boys”.

The Friends of Leiston Airfield have, on occasion, held a moving memorial service and flying display, with an honour guard and a contingent of airmen provided by the USAFE from RAF Lakenheath or Mildenhall, and music provided by the Leiston Royal British Legion Band. This event attracts many veterans, their children, grandchildren and other family members from the USA.